Event video and live streaming services

Why use live streaming?

Our cloud based live production offers live streaming, from the safety of your own home. We are here to provide you friendly and professional advice on how to stream without compromising your safety. You may consider live streaming for the following reasons:

Retention rate

Live video has a much higher viewer retention rate and enforces viewers to interact with the content, or share. On average, people watch live videos as much as 10 times longer than video on demand content! Additionally 64% are more likely to buy a product or service if they have watched a video about it.

Useful for real-time communication

The content created via live streaming is always very individual, draws more awareness, and provides the possibility of real-time communication. This connection initiates a better relationship between your business and your customers. You are able to naturally demonstrate your real personality via live streaming, in comparison to pre-recorded videos. The authenticity provided by non-recorded, organic interaction is indescribably more engaging to your audience.

A live business stream can help build trust in your brand.

It is a relatively low cost marketing tool to reach a larger audience and make your knowledge, product or service become more appealing. 80% of audiences would rather watch a video than read a blog about a service or product. By sharing your expertise live regularly you become a reliable source of information to your viewers, therefore you can expect them to come back for more information, even turn to you for advice. Live streaming also can help you raise brand awareness by creating a valuable feedback loop where you can gather information from your audience. On the other hand, in the settings of live production, the creation of a high quality, professionally edited video is incredibly complex. This is where we come in the picture.

So how can we help you with all of this?

Meetupvideo specializes in impeccable quality live streaming, event recording, and all things video production related, but what makes us incredibly unique is the fact that we cover your needs from A to Z.
We don’t provide a partial solution, at Meetupvideo, our service is a multifaceted and well-rounded set of solutions that start at venue inspection and definition of technological needs, follows through all the technical work such as set-up and post-processing, meaning editing and cutting, and lastly, concludes with a rapid but nevertheless reliable delivery of your final product.
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