Frequently Asked Questions

Live streaming lets you watch or create and share videos in real time, a bit like live TV. All you need for live streaming is:

– an internet enabled device (a gadget which is connected to the internet, like a smartphone, smart TV, laptop or tablet), and
– a platform (such as a website or app) to live stream from. This should be from our side.

Live streaming allows you to:
– promote your service, information or product to people who can’t attend an event,
– expanding your target audience
– instantaneous channel to distribute your ideas
– is a great two-way channel for feedback and Q&A

Of course, if the reliability or quality of your video is not important. But as we know, it can cost you your audience, studies show that 62% of your audience is more likely to have a negative perception of your brand if you show poor quality videos, that includes picture and sound.

Event filming is the process of capturing and documenting an event or presentation. It includes methods of video production and post-production, meaning we edit your video with various editing softwares for you. It could happen on-site or via the internet. The process generally begins with our team doing a venue check prior to your event to map all the technical and other needs you may have. On the day of your event we will do the recording, provide all of the necessary equipment, and deliver your final within 48 hours.

In 2020 with lockdown due to COVID-19 the internet has become the substitution for entertainment, sense of community, work and other things. Therefore, everyone who wants to show, share, ask, talk, anyone who does not want to miss out.

Live streaming, Event Filming and Editing, Photography, and Technical Consulting.

We’re always striving for perfection to ensure our customers complete satisfaction. On top of that, we guarantee 100% peace of mind & a reputation second-to-none. Complimentary, hassle-free quote online. Our Customers have 10 days to modify their final material, beginning at the day of delivery.

We guarantee you delivery within 48 hours, but if there is a need for lightning fast delivery, we offer you 24 hour service.

Upscaling is not a problem, we have done dance shows, conferences and other events for hundreds and hundreds of people.

No, we are not release unedited footages / images, Meetupvideo only deliver finished products.
Unedited footages / images are not a full representation of our work.

We wanted to refer to those Meetup events where people gather together to share information and network. Now, in 2021 this name is more appropriate than ever since we all desire human connection, a great conversation or belonging to a community, but we are only able to do it via screens.

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