Event video and live streaming services

About Us

  • Rapid, extensive video production services for businesses and private customers alike
  • Exceptional audio and visual quality
  • Technical solutions advice
  • 20+ years experience
  • International experience;
    • Belgium
    • Bulgaria (Sofia)
    • Canada (Toronto)
    • Finland (Helsinki)
    • Germany (Berlin,Hamburg,Munich)
    • Hungary
    • Italy (Milan)
    • Ireland
    • Portugal (Lisbon)
    • Slovakia
    • Spain (Madrid)
    • Switzerland (Geneva)
    • The Netherlands (Amsterdam)
    • United States (New York)
  • Location: United Kingdom (Croydon / London)

Meetupvideo is a leader in meetup and conference live streaming and event recording, having recorded more than 3000 presentations and talks throughout the UK since 2015. We specialize in providing technical solutions for filming events, using the latest technology to produce recordings of outstanding picture and sound quality.

We believe in providing a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of video production, from recording and design to editing and delivery, giving you complete peace of mind.

Learn more about us and our services, and don’t hesitate to reach out and get in touch with us!