About Us

  • Rapid, extensive video production services for businesses and private customers alike
  • Impeccably high-quality sound & visuality
  • Technical solutions advice
  • 15+ years experience
  • International experience;
    • Hungary
    • Slovakia
    • The Netherlands
    • Britain
    • Belgium
    • Wales
    • Scotland
    • Ireland
    • Cyprus
  • Location: Croydon / London (UK)

With over 2000 talks and presentations recorded in the UK between 2015 and now, we pride ourselves on our effective technical solutions to film your event. Additionally, by using the latest technology, all of our recordings have an outstanding picture and sound quality. At Meetupvideo we believe in providing a full-scope solution to give you a complete peace of mind, therefore our live streaming and event recording services include all aspects of video production; recording, designing, editing, and delivering.

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Mission and Vision


Meetupvideo’s mission is to record anything you feel should stay around for generations to come, quickly, and with such a high level of quality that technologically speaking, even generations later you would be proud of it.


Our vision is to continue being an industry leading video production firm by providing impeccable quality and reliable service to everyone that entrusts us with anything that is valuable to them, whether that’s shooting your company’s advertising plan or recording your daughter’s wedding day. If it is dear to you, it is dear to us.

CEO's Message

Sometimes it is still hard to believe that Meetupvideo and its forerunners were born out of my frustration over the quality of our wedding video in 2005. Visibility was only good from our shoulders down, the sound is even worse. Most family members didn’t even realize until I pointed this out. That’s when I realized that I have been naturally gifted with sensitive sight and hearing when it comes to video quality. I knew that there must be a better way to record our precious memories. At that moment, my then pioneering idea of event recording was born, primarily to help couples record their memories in a way that is nothing short of worthy of the magical occasion. Fast forward a decade and some years, as my obsession with visual technology, paired with educational devotion in the field of technology grew, we have extended our services and helped hundreds of happy private customers and companies alike to document, and project their most important moments and messages to their audiences. Our strategy is simple; we never give less than what even I’d be happy with.

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