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If you are here, I assume you to be at the threshold of a memorable event, an occasion that will change your life as you know it now. A celebration or ceremony that you probably have been waiting for, perhaps ever since you were a child. Whether you are planning to merge your future with the love of your life, welcoming the fruit of your love or joining them on their first important steps they take in the journey of life, your memories deserve to be recorded for generations to come with such integrity that whenever you look at them you vividly relive those precious moments. We know how important this is for you. We have been in your shoes, ourselves.

I’m Gabriella, Co-Founder of Meetupvideo, and our idea of live streaming, event recording and photography was born out of our poor quality wedding video. Unfortunately, it did not turn out to be a videotape that we enjoy watching over and over again. The picture is blurred, the sound is low and at the most important moment of our wedding, when the rings were exchanged, we are only visible from our shoulders down. We understand the anxiety you must feel with the endless choices you have to make, therefore we want to take the weight of event recording off your shoulders. On your big day, you will feel a great variety of emotions which may leave you with a blur of memories, our services make sure that all aspects are professionally captured therefore they provide you and your guests the missing puzzle pieces.

Throughout the years we have decided to expand our portfolio and offer professional services regardless of your private event to be captured. You may need us for your wedding, your baby shower, a birthday party or a graduation. If it’s important to you, it is important to us.
There are three distinct services we offer. Photography, event recording and even live streaming.

  • With photography you are able to capture the most beautiful moments, the most important details. Your photos will be carefully selected by our team, edited and made into an album, if you desire. This is a perfect, relatively low cost solution to record your memories, but it lacks the storytelling aspect that event recording can bring you.
  • With our event recording services everything will be documented from the beginning to the end. It leaves no details behind, therefore you will relive those precious moments equally vividly even decades later. This will leave you with a complete peace of mind that nothing will be forgotten.
  • We realize that in the 21st century many people live away from their home countries and sometimes it is just not possible to have everyone present at your event. This is where live streaming comes into play. Your guests will be able to join your event, in real time, from the comfort of their homes, even from thousands of kilometers away. With impeccable sound and picture quality, they will feel like they are right there with you.

It goes without saying that any of our services can be bundled. Would you like live streaming and photography? No problem. All three? Whatever you say. Even if you have booked another video production company for certain features, we are more than happy to provide you with complimentary service. For example: You have your favourite photographer but you also need live streaming. We will gladly coordinate with the professional of your choice. It is absolutely up to you, but we are here to support you every step of the way and provide you with our highest quality services.

Please contact us for more information, and a complimentary hassle-free quote based on your event, chosen service, size and numbers of venue. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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