in others’ words

We are always delighted with Meetupvideo – the results are exemplary. We would never hesitate to recommend Peter and meetupvideo to anyone who asks! Being able to share these videos with the community is so important to us, so it’s great knowing we can always rely on Peter’s highly professional and quality service.

Charley Kent , Adventures with Agile ,

We use meetup video to record all of our meetups for (DevOps Exchange London ). The team have always been responsive and reliable, and make getting videos for our meetup really easy and fast, so we’re very happy using them!

David Gildeh , CEO & Co-Founder , Outlyer ,

Peter and his team at Meetup Video have been integral in helping us grow as a company. They have enabled us to create and produce top quality content for our clients, Youtube and website. We have been working with Meetup Video for almost two years now and their work has always been incredibly professional, reliable and always delivered on time. They are a pleasure to work with at every event and I highly recommend their work if you are looking to expand professionally and get content out into your community.

Jessica Bucken , Community Director , Data Science Festival ,

We had a big event and a lot of interest for our first event held at News UK’s superb headquarters. Our guest speakers included Spotify, Sky and News UK presenting with approximately 200 people in attendance. With so much interest we wanted to be able to video record the event and share it with attendees and to engage those who weren’t lucky enough to get a space for the event.
Working with Meetupvideo, we were able to capture each of the talks without compromise. Sometimes due to quality and scope, there is a risk that the talks don’t quite capture the essence of the speakers or have a disconnect with the materials the presenter refers to. However Meetupvideo delivered! With superb quality in vision and audio, we were able to share the evening with others and now have a core asset to reflect on for the group. Would highly recommend Peter at Meetupvideo and hope to continue working together at future meetups.

Craig Strong , VP Global Product Lifecycle Mgmt , Agile Practitioners London ,

Thanks to Meetupvideo I’m able to capture insightful talks to share with my meetup community, allowing the knowledge to be shared with future community members and also with the ones that were not able to attend.
It also leaves a record of the quality of the material and speakers that come to my meetup.
Needless to say that the Meetupvideos undoubtedly become very valuable marketing material for future promotions.
I worked mainly with Peter, founder of the service, and his work ethic is exceptional. He is always on time, ready to record when the event starts, he plans the recording aspects of the event well, his equipment is robust, giving speaker choices of microphones and also shooting from different angles.
He is patient, accommodating and understanding that event sometimes take longer than expected or don’t go as plan.
After the event, he allows me to get involve in the production aspect of the video, and I’m the first one to say that I have a very specific idea of what I want and how I want it, but he does an outstanding job following my guidance, trying new things, and just being an delightful person work with.

Sandra González , Founder , UX for Change meetup group ,

Meetupvideo has been fantastic from start to finish! The service was excellent and Peter was very diligent in checking the lighting and acoustics of the venue in advance to ensure a good quality recording.
At the event itself, he was very professional with the set-up, polite and considerate towards our speakers and also patient as we had a few delays.
The end result is that we have great quality recordings that we are able to share with our community and these were turned around very quickly.
I would not hesitate to recommend Meetupvideo to anyone who is looking for a high quality, great value-for-money service.

Paula Kennedy , Co-organiser , LOPUG meetup group ,

We’ve been very pleased with the work from Meetupvideo. Peter is flexible and accommodating to changes of venue and date, and he produces the videos quickly following the meetups, which members love. The videos have been a big factor in the success and wider reach of the London Continuous Delivery (LondonCD) meetup group, and we look forward to working with Meetupvideo over the coming year.

Matthew Skelton , Director , Software Engineering Practice Limited ,

Meetupvideo is a great company. Will be working with the company on a long term basis!

Suds , Founder , Interesting Content

It was really good, and for once we had something nice to share with our community in term of video.
People like that, if they can’t attend the event they know that now we do our best to share thing with them and this is what make us look good in our event.
Because they knew how a tech presentation work and on the editing how to catch people attention. Can happen that sometime the speaker is not talking about his slide anymore so we should be focus on him only, etc…
The editing was really good, and real slide introduce in the video is a good idea, projector don’t always have good resolution.
Lovely and amazing experience with Meetupvideo.

Kelly Tran , Developer relations manager , Badoo ,

Working with Meetupvideo is quick and easy. Peter is always there to help, and I can be assured of a good quality video record of the meetups we run at a very reasonable price.

Matt Baker , Founder , Jetstack ,

What I really like in Meetupvideo is the professional attitude and flexibility. Peter is obsessed with quality, with details. When technology doesn’t click together they do anything and everything to do the job well, even if this means hours of painstaking post-processing, what’s more, solving the problem with buying and bringing very special cables or equipment to the next event. He takes that extra step for us, so we feel like a valued client.

Sam , Co-organiser , Magento London Meetup

Great work by Peter and his team for the Meet-up, sounds and video quality was excellent, really impressed with his work and professionalism. Would highly recommend him.

Naveed , Founder , Nomadic User ,

Peter recorded a video for us for our meet-up community. The talk was a lecture on UX & Enterprise. Peter provided a fantastic service with a great quality recording, capturing the voice, slides and speaker perfectly. Peter was experienced in AV setup and helped set-up the equipment and give advice. The video was edited and ready within a few days and was well received by our members. We would happily recommend his services to others and look forward to working with him in the future.

Amaad Qureshi , Business Development Manager , Learning Connexions ,