Category: Telegraph Engineering

Cockpit Design and Assessment Methodologies: From Tornado to Tempest

Speaker: Suzy Broadbent

As far back as WWII, psychologists were considering how the layout of displays and controls in an aircraft cockpit could help optimise human performance. In cockpit development, the user needs considering from physiological, behavioural and cognitive perspectives and the assessment methodologies need to be able to help define, agree, specify and certify all aspects of the cockpit design with respect...

Designing Autonomous Vehicles From The Human Point Of View

Speaker: Professor Joseph Giacomin

The current period is characterised by a large number of initiatives to design and develop autonomous vehicles. The systems are targeted at a range of applications from the simple movement of merchandise in warehouses to the transport of people across counties. Despite suggestions of the potential benefits of autonomous technologies for specific user populations such as the city dweller, the...

Understanding the Cloud Native Storage Landscape

Speaker: Alex Chircop

In this talk we will cover cloud native storage technologies and how they fit in orchestrated workloads. We will be covering topics including block stores, fileystems, object stores, key-value stores and databases, amongst others. The different architectural approaches and designs will be compared in terms of key attributes like availability, scalability, performance, data consistency, durability, fault tolerance, ease of development...