Category: Scala Central

Cluster Schedulers: Borg and Kubernetes

Speaker: Leszek Sliwko

Leszek Sliwko has been awarded a Ph.D. in Parallel and Distributed Computing for his work developing a novel AI-driven load balancer for Cloud systems. At present, he leads a team of Scala programmers in developing and maintaining several internal UK Government systems which are deployed within Kubernetes/Docker clusters. This presentation is analysing deployed and actively used workload schedulers’ solutions, and...

Developing Data Analytics Jobs with Spark, Scala and the Spark Notebook

speaker: Gerard Maas

The Spark Notebook is a Scala-centric, interactive web app that implements the ‘notebook’ paradigm: It combines descriptions and code to explore, analyse and learn from massive data sets using Apache Spark. In this presentation, we will see how the Spark Notebook upgrades our Scala skills to address data-oriented problems and enables us to rapidly evolve through the full data application...

SBT Plugins: How and Why

speaker: Danielle Ashley

In this talk, we’ll learn about the inner workings of SBT by walking through the creation of a simple plugin.In large projects and/or organisations, building the project involves more than just compiling the code. Using plugins we can customise SBT to automate almost any task imaginable: testing, publishing, reporting, generating documentation, code analysis, and so on. However, we might wonder...