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IntelliJ Plugins – A must-have tool in your developer kit

Speaker: Balachandar Kolathur Mani

As developers, we always strive to write better code and various tools help us to do it. These tools protect us from common pitfalls and improve productivity. One such powerful, but least utilised tool is the IntelliJ plugin system. Android Studio is the most widely used IDE for Android developers. It is built on top of IntelliJ and provides full...

Move over certificate pinning. Certificate Transparency is here!

Speaker: Matthew Dolan

Failing to protect your user’s data can not only result in fines but of course loss of your user’s trust We can protect our apps against man-in-the-middle attacks using techniques such as certificate pinning. However, as we will see, implementing certificate pinning requires us to answer questions such as which certificate to pin against that doesn’t have a straight forward...