Category: London Continuous Delivery

The future of Continuous Delivery: cloud-native services, healthcare, and manufacturing

Speaker: Matthew Skelton

Continuous Delivery (CD) practices have revolutionised the way we build and deploy software. Since the publication of the book Continuous Delivery by Jez Humble and Dave Farley in 2010, thousands of organisations around the world have taken advantage of CD approaches to improve the reliability of software releases using build, test, and deployment automation. In fact, the book Accelerate shows...

Straining Towards Continuous Delivery in Big Orgs: Lessons for a Product Manager

speaker: Sara Saab

“I’ll present a case study chronicling a series of CI- and CD-friendly changes implemented on a large scale public sector Agile project, noting the reasons we embarked on this, the pitfalls we encountered along the way, and reflecting on what these changes ultimately meant for our Product Management function and for Agile development on this project.”

Modern Data Medieval Methods

speaker: Gavin Campbell

“I was recently asked to make a few suggestions on how to incorporate the practices familiar from “terrestrial” development such as source control, continuous integration, and automated testing into the brave new world of cloud-based data analytics, on a project incorporating Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake, and Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Many of the tools associated with these offerings...

Designing teams for Continuous Delivery by John Clapham

Speaker: John Clapham

(Talk given at London Continuous Delivery meetup group, November 2016 – Team Design for Continuous Delivery) It appears we have the formula for great engineering teams nailed; Cross functional, T-shaped, pizza sized and manifesto enabled. All teams live in tension between their own output and contributing to others’, is spinning up a team in a continuous delivery environment any different?...

Why would anyone do out-of-hours-support for free

Speaker: Sarah Wells

To successfully move to DevOps, you will need to change your company’s culture in a lot of ways. If you have people in very distinct operations and development teams, how do you convince them about the benefits of closer collaboration and blurring of lines? Why would operations let developers have production access? If it resulted in better monitored, better documented,...

Continuous Delivery – making it work with Windows and .NET

Speakers: Chris O'Dell & Matthew Skelton

The technologies and approaches for Continuous Delivery are essentially identical across different operating systems, but some things need special treatment for Windows and .NET. When Jez Humble and Dave Farley published their groundbreaking book ‘Continuous Delivery’ in 2010, many of the tools described were either nonexistent on the Windows platform or did not support the rich automation capabilities they do...