Category: Health

Beyond Quantified Self or When Data Really Matters from Maxim Osipov

Founded by healthcare innovation scientists, Sentimoto aims to dramatically improve care for older people by approaching it from a shared economy perspective. Enabled by the rise of wearables and behaviour analysis, Sentimoto facilitates creation of care circles with older people, their families, health and social care workers, leading to safer and healthier ageing. Maxim Osipov PhD, Sentimoto Maxim Osipov...

Designing Wearables for Better Adoption from Dr Carolyn Mair PhD

Dr Mair created the only Masters course to apply psychology in the context of fashion at the London College of Fashion. With her background in design and technology, she is ideally placed to address how the design of wearable technology might affect adoption. Dr Carolyn Mair PhD, London College of Fashion Chartered Psychologist Dr Carolyn Mair is Reader and...

Behaviour Change: The New Frontier in Digital Health from Prof. Talya Miron-Shatz PhD

A researcher, consultant and entrepreneur, Talya will discuss the real challenge of digital health – to use the technology in order to create meaningful and lasting behaviour change. This requires patient comprehension, engagement, and the psychological insight that helps render digital tools into a powerful, sustainable vehicle for behaviour change toward health. Prof. Talya Miron-Shatz PhD, BuddyNSoul / CureMyWay