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If you’re a DevOps or Operations person running an online/cloud service in London, this group is for you! A chance to exchange some of the latest ideas and technologies for running online services through 2-3 short presentations by invited speakers.

Understanding the Cloud Native Storage Landscape

Speaker: Alex Chircop

In this talk we will cover cloud native storage technologies and how they fit in orchestrated workloads. We will be covering topics including block stores, fileystems, object stores, key-value stores and databases, amongst others. The different architectural approaches and designs will be compared in terms of key attributes like availability, scalability, performance, data consistency, durability, fault tolerance, ease of development...

Coconut’s Technology Story 1.5 Years On, In a Nutshell

Speaker: Allistair Crossley

Coconut’s January 2018 MVP platform was built and managed by its CTO over the course of 7 months. This talk will be an honest trip down memory lane highlighting some of the hard (architecture, frameworks, ops, security) and interesting (Terraform, Ansible, Lambda serverless) technology and infrastructure choices that had to be made to get to market quickly but also reliably...

Monitoring Kubernetes with Prometheus

Speaker: Tom Wilkie

Prometheus has become the defacto monitoring system for cloud native applications, with systems like Kubernetes and Etcd natively exposing Prometheus metrics. In this talk Tom will explore all the moving part for a working Prometheus-on-Kubernetes monitoring system, including kube-state-metrics, node-exporter, cAdvisor and Grafana. You will learn about the various methods for getting to a working setup: the manual approach, using...