Category: Data Science Festival

From academia to becoming a (shop) directioner

speaker: George Cushen

After completing his PhD in computer vision and machine learning, George Cushen took a job as the first computer vision data scientist at the UK’s second largest pureplay etailer, Shop Direct. Here, he examines the challenges and parallels between working on academic projects as a computer scientist, and working as a data scientist in a mid-size retail company. Having the...

The ethics of AI and Data Science

speaker: Ian Sharp

AI and Deep Learning are becoming increasingly important to discussions around the Ethical use of Data in commercial and government applications. The presentation covers where The industry is heading with the technology and algorithms available. We discuss the balance between customer and vendor value, the use cases good and bad and the implications of “democratising AI” (my former CEO Satya...

Machine Learning in Financial Credit Risk Assessment

speaker: Soledad Galli

Credit Risk assessment aims to determine the probability of loss on a particular asset, investment or loan. The objective of assessing credit risk is to determine if an investment is worthwhile, what steps should be taken to mitigate risk, and what the return rate should be to make an investment successful. An accurate Credit Risk Model allows the financial institution...

Data Science and Engineering at Ticketmaster

speakers: Thomas Rea & Martin Grayson

Ticketmaster International operates in over 20 countries, receives over 500M yearly visits across their sites and processes over 20M orders. In this talk we will share how we are using the cloud and open source technologies to deliver insight for marketers, sales teams and other internal clients. The talk focuses on how the Customer Insight team use Airflow and AWS...

The elements of a Data Science career (panel discussion)

speakers: Gianluca Campenella, Tom Ewing, Fergus Weldon, David Loughlan

Panel discussion on how to successfully build a Data Science career, featuring Gianluca Campenella (Founder Estimand Consulting / Research Fellow Imperial), Tom Ewing (Principal Data Scientist – Department for Transport), Fergus Weldon (Data Science Team Lead – Trainline) and David Loughlan (Founder – Data Idols).