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Designing for Humans: Business Goals vs. Design Ethics

Speaker: Miles Johnson

As collecting data on application use becomes easier, designers increasingly rely upon these insights to create more user-centric systems. These insights can be misused to achieve business goals, rather than positive user experiences. This may be good design for business but from an ethical perspective, is this right? In this talk, we will explore how treating users as participants and...

From policing to programming: how I changed career when I turned 40

Speaker: Suze Shardlow

People who grew up in the 80s were surrounded by stories of the new, exciting digital age. Now in their 40s, some of those who came of age listening to Britpop now head up successful tech companies, while others took a different path and are now embarking on second careers as coders. Suze, a former marketing manager-turned-Met Police surveillance expert,...