Web Performance London meetup 2019 September Live stream


Speakers: Tim Vereecke , Lydia Hallie

   Location: London

LDNWebPerf September 2019

LWP September: Saving data and the web perf quiz

This month LWP returns to its second-tuesday slot with two visiting speakers. Tim Vereecke, a web performance consultant at Akamai and scale-modelling enthusiast, will discuss data saver mode, and what it means for your website. Lydia Hallie is also making a special trip to join us from Sweden to present her web performance trivia quiz. I came across Lydia’s advanced JavaScript questions repo when it was featured in JavaScript Weekly and am delighted she’s able to bring that content to LWP.

Evant link: https://ldnwebperf.org/events/lwp-september-saving-data-and-the-web-perf-quiz


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