IntelliJ Plugins – A must-have tool in your developer kit

IntelliJ Plugins – A must-have tool in your developer kit

As developers, we always strive to write better code and various tools help us to do it. These tools protect us from common pitfalls and improve productivity. One such powerful, but least utilised tool is the IntelliJ plugin system. Android Studio is the most widely used IDE for Android developers. It is built on top of IntelliJ and provides full support for the Intellij plugin system. In this talk, we will find out how an IntelliJ plugin helped us in Babylon to manage the custom code templates of our new MVI architecture. We will also go through the basic building blocks of an IntelliJ plugin and explore the capabilities it has, seeing how it can help engineers become more productive.

Bala is a freelance Android engineer working at Babylon Health. He is very passionate about effective UX, pixel perfect UI and developer tools. He also has an app (Audify Notification Reader) at Google Playstore.


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