NOCUST-ZKP: A Provably Consistent 2nd-Layer Protocol

ZK-LDN 0x03 – NOCUST-ZKP: A Provably Consistent 2nd-Layer Protocol

This talk will be about NOCUST-ZKP, a variant of NOCUST that depends on recursively composable zkSNARKS for ensuring the consistency of data behind commitments. The talk will briefly review NOCUST, a novel 2nd-layer solution for micropayments, and then focus on the challenges behind augmenting it with zkSNARKS to increase the security and reliability of the system. Users in NOCUST can issue different kinds of challenges to prevent misbehavior, and this talk will explain how the addition of zkSNARKS can reduce potential attack vectors and strengthen the system such that it only requires one simple data availability challenge.

Rami Is the co-founder of Liquidity.Network, the company pushing forward NOCUST and TEX, two 2nd-Layer solutions for scaling blockchains. Rami has a Masters in Information Security from ETH Zurich and is now pursuing a PhD in Blockchain Security, Scalability, and Privacy at Imperial College London. Previously, he worked at Facebook and Gnosis.

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