Hopper: Mobile & Web-friendly private transfers on Ethereum

ZK-LDN 0x03 – Hopper: Mobile & Web-friendly private transfers on Ethereum

This talk will explain how the Hopper mixer works. Hopper is an Open-Source Mixer for mobile and web-friendly private transfers on Ethereum. It allows the private transfer of value from one Ethereum account to another, via an iOS client. Users can deposit notes of 1 ETH into a mixer smart contract and withdraw them later to a different account by only providing a Zero-Knowledge proof (zkSNARK) that they previously deposited a note into the mixer, without revealing from which account that note was sent. Relayers are used to post transactions to the blockchain so that the recipient of a private transfer can withdraw a private note from the mixer without needing any prior ether.

Bio: Olivier is an Ethereum Engineer at Argent. He obtained his PhD in Telecommunication Engineering from Université libre de Bruxelles. Prior to working in the blockchain space, Olivier developed mobile games, built recommendation engines and ran a medical imaging startup.

More info about Argent: https://www.argent.xyz/


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