Using Envoy as a Service Proxy


Suhail Patel @ Monzo – Using Envoy as a Service Proxy

The service mesh space has evolved quite significantly over the last few years, with entrants such as Envoy Proxy, Istio and Linkerd2 and more, all with diverse feature-sets. The goal is to make the network transparent to applications by abstracting it away in an out of process system. This reduces complexity of applications and abstracts important things such as load balancing, service discovery and circuit breaking into service proxies.

In this talk, we will go over the use-cases of a service mesh and introduce Envoy Proxy to describe the role it can play to help make your systems more resilient.

Suhail is a Backend Engineer at Monzo focused on working on the Core Platform. His role involves building and maintaining Monzo’s infrastructure which more than 1,000 microservices and leverages key infrastructure components like Kubernetes, Envoy Proxy, Cassandra, Etcd and more. He focuses specifically in investigating deviant behaviour and ensuring services continue to work reliably in the face of a constantly shifting environment in the cloud.


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