Infrastructure friendly NodeJS

Zoltan Reegn – Infrastructure Friendly NodeJS


You are the target of this presentation if:

* You’ve been developing in NodeJS for 1-4 years
* You run or plan to run a NodeJS backend on Linux
* You are interested in making NodeJS play nice with Linux

You are not the target, but are welcome to attend if:

* You’ve been a NodeJS guru for 8+ years and are open to learning
* You only do frontend development but are curious for the backend


You will get answers to *some* of these questions:

* How do I write services in NodeJS that behave nicely in production?
* Why should services implement graceful shutdown?
* How should I do logging in a modern app?
* What features does modern infra provide that I don’t need to implement myself?


You will learn about:

* OS Signals and Signal Handlers
* Application Logging and Logging Infrastructures
* HTTP reverse proxies and their true power


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