Litho threading model


Speaker: Mihaela Ogrezeanu

   Location: London

Litho threading model

Litho is a declarative framework for building efficient UIs on Android, and one of the features it delivers for performance improvements is background layout. Litho is able to perform layout on a background thread ahead of time and it was optimized to make scrolling surfaces feel more responsive and smooth. As the framework evolves, it needs to adapt to provide the same level of performance for other time-sensitive, UI-bound cases, such as rendering a screen for the first time. This talk describes the current Litho threading model and how the scheduling model can improve to optimize the usage of thread resources in each situation.

“I am a software engineer at Facebook London in the Native UI Frameworks team. I work on Litho (, an open-source Android framework for building efficient user interfaces. It allows developers to write highly-optimized Android surfaces through a simple, declarative API and a data flow model inspired from React. I joined Facebook London in 2014 after an internship in the Facebook Menlo Park headquarters, and since then I have been working on the backend web stack, Android Video product experiences inside the Facebook app and now Litho.”


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