TC39 at first hand experience – what’s next for JavaScript after June?


Speaker: Szabolcs Szabolcsi-Toth

I had the honor to attend the TC39 meeting in Berlin as a delegate of IBM for two days. Let’s see what decisions were made, why, where does JavaScript go forward, and how does even a meeting like this looks like.

What you can expect:
* Quick recap of what TC39 is exactly.
What’s next for JavaScript, decesions were made on:
* dynamic import()
* Top-level Await
* non-JS module types (e.g., JSON, CSS, WebIDL)
* Atomics.waitAsync
* Optional Chaining / Nullish Coalescing
* Emitter
* Trusted Types
* Standard Library / JavaScript Commons
* Other details of a meeting
* How you can join this work


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