Learning to speak at Babylon


Speaker: Steven Chang


Learning to speak at Babylon

Voice design is a discipline based on the most fundamental communication element – voice interaction. In order to create the best possible user experience, designers need to unpack how users intuitively communicate through speaking and find a way to access those conversations. In this talk, Babylon Health’s voice and conversational designer Steven will share his design and user research experience. This includes analysing daily conversations and the various testing methods that allow him to validate the naturalness of the conversational flows users interact with.

Steven is a creative problem solver with experience leading design projects in both start-up and large corporate environments across technology, music and advertising industries in multiple countries. He is passionate about innovating services and putting it into practice for solving complex challenges and aligning with real human needs. As a voice designer and conversational UI designer for Babylon Health, he is responsible for making Babylon more accessible by bringing it to the world of voice UI.


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