The future of Continuous Delivery: cloud-native services, healthcare, and manufacturing

The future of Continuous Delivery by Matthew Skelton, Conflux

Continuous Delivery (CD) practices have revolutionised the way we build and deploy software. Since the publication of the book Continuous Delivery by Jez Humble and Dave Farley in 2010, thousands of organisations around the world have taken advantage of CD approaches to improve the reliability of software releases using build, test, and deployment automation. In fact, the book Accelerate shows that Continuous Delivery (CD) practices are essential to high organisational performance.

Cloud-native software stacks have demonstrated huge benefits through “paved path” tooling that makes Continuous Delivery more straightforward than before, but what does CD look like for software in the healthcare and manufacturing sectors with physical devices? Would you want a software update to a pacemaker or cardiogram machine every few days? What testing and deployment techniques work well for non-ephemeral home automation devices? How do we test IoT devices that are not connected to the internet, but instead connected to industrial control networks or even LoRaWAN?

In this talk, Matthew Skelton reviews the current state-of-the-art for Continuous Delivery practices for cloud-native software and explores how these approaches are influencing emerging practices for software in healthcare and manufacturing.


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