Get the flake out

Automated UI tests play an important part in the development of our mobile apps. Espresso is a broadly used testing framework on the Android platform, but running it on a continuous integration system for a large project with a substantial number of tests requires solid configuration. We often focus on the architecture of our applications, but do we think as much about the architecture of our tests? In this talk we will explain how our UI tests are organised, their architecture, libraries, configuration and execution.
When working with Espresso, we may also face an issue of test flakiness. We will walk through the solutions we introduced to significantly reduce the number of flaky tests.


Jarek Ankowski is an Android engineer working at American Express on the main Amex app. In Android world since Eclair. Addicted to gigs and peanut butter.

Sandeep Nair is an Android developer in American Express, currently working on enhancing the Amex Mobile app. He started mobile apps development with Symbian and Qt before moving to Android.


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