Outcome delivery NHS Digital


Outcome delivery NHS Digital

Andrew Meyer has held senior positions in both public and private sector organisations successfully delivering transformational programmes. He has a passion for delivering value and for developing a culture to support high performing teams.

Andrew headed up the replacement of the NHS National Spine service (Demographics, Electronic Prescriptions, Summary Care Record, Messaging and Identity & Access Management), successfully re-developing the service and transitioning it in-house. He has built the NHS Digital Delivery Centre from a small team of around 25 people to one of around 400; using Lean, Agile tools and techniques to ensure value and quick delivery. Andrew established DevOps teams to build and evolve the national services.

As part of the day to day running of the Digital Delivery Centre and the national NHS Platform he is currently responsible for the development of a Citizen Identity Service and a Data Services Platform to support health commissioning and research.


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