Blue Ocean Strategy

We’re excited to welcome Mina back to AWA to share her latest talk about Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS). BOS proposes a systematic approach on how to innovate and how to find something new, and can be used for product development, processes and other areas within our lives!

Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) proposes a systematic approach on how to innovate and how to find a new market niche – a blue ocean. BOS focuses on creating something new instead of competing against the others.

Although the BOS was first proposed as a business strategy, the approach can be applied much wider – on product development, processes and even on completely other domains in everyday life, like swimming competitions. Blue ocean strategy is more than a strategy – it’s a mindset. It challenges the tenets of competitive strategy and calls for a shift in focus from competing to creating new market space, making the competition irrelevant.

Through one real-life example, I will demonstrate this systematic approach. I will show how to make a shift from the red ocean of the competition to the blue ocean, where competition is irrelevant.

About Mina

Once upon a time, Mina was a good swimmer, a Serbian youth champion in breaststroke swimming. After a 27-year long break, when she enrolled in the Swedish National Masters Championship she saw no chance to compete with those participants in better shape. That is why Mina turned to blue ocean strategy, to find a way to make the competition irrelevant. By applying Blue Ocean Strategy she outsmarted the competition and won gold!When not swimming, Mina works as a Head of Development at NetEnt. She has 20+ years of experience in software development and is very passionate about agile software development.


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