Surviving as a Mum in DevOps


speaker: Ebru Cucen


Ebru Cucen – Surviving as a Mum in DevOps

I will tell my story, Post-Maternity Blues in DevOps, the challenges I have faced and workarounds done for the last 4.5 years, so that I can still enjoy my family life, thrive with my passion and also remained sane. I will share the challenges I’ve been through, pre-interview stage, during the interview, and after getting the job. From flexible working hours to night time support calls, bank holiday on site deployments… And I will talk about tips, such as: taking “No” as a default answer to be the starting point for the negotiations, not a final answer; bonus system we had with my husband so that I can go to evening meet-ups [he collects bonuses to use later]; and 3 weekly recurring grocery/3 monthly supermarket delivery schedules.


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