Developing Data Analytics Jobs with Spark, Scala and the Spark Notebook

The Spark Notebook is a Scala-centric, interactive web app that implements the ‘notebook’ paradigm: It combines descriptions and code to explore, analyse and learn from massive data sets using Apache Spark.

In this presentation, we will see how the Spark Notebook upgrades our Scala skills to address data-oriented problems and enables us to rapidly evolve through the full data application lifecycle: from exploring data to deployable jobs.

About Gerard:
I’m the Lead Engineer at, an early-stage startup working on Big Data Governance. I often share tech knowledge and lessons learned at meetups and conferences about Scala, Spark and Cassandra (Devoxx, Spark Summit, BeScala, Spark Belgium, SkillsMatter). I’m a DataStax Cassandra MVP (’15, ’16), Open Source and Stack Overflow contributor.

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