Coaching Served 2 ways with Dan Brown, aka KanbanDan

Speaker: Dan Brown, aka KanbanDan

“Many agile coaches I’ve worked with are experts in agile, but that is only half of the job. I’ve spent the last few years of my learning journey focusing on the skills of coaching itself, and I would like to share with you what I have learned, both from being an agile coach, and a licensed rugby coach.

There is a lot more cross-over than many people might think. I will help you plan how you can become a better coach, to reap the rewards, on and off the field – or agile team area.

I will help you to understand what you are trying to achieve in your own coaching journey, and give you some tools to align yourself towards those goals.

About Dan:

I’m a Kanban and Agile Coach and Teacher. I love helping people to learn, and to become better at what they do.

I have coached in all kinds of organisations, from online shops to the UK Government, major high street banks and the BBC. I also coach teenagers in Rugby for my local club.

I’m sometimes better known as @KanbanDan.”

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