Big-data driven risk analysis for drones

Flock is an early stage data analytics company out of Cambridge University and Imperial College London.

Big-data driven risk analysis for drones

Flock is building a Big-Data driven risk analysis software that identifies, quantifies, and reduces the risk of drone flights. Flock is partnering with third parties to access data about the position of people, vehicles, buildings, weather, and more, in order to calculate the potential risks and impacts of any given drone flight in a congested environment.

Bio: Ed is the CEO of Flock, an Artificial Intelligence startup that uses Big Data to safely guide drones through cities (recently featured in TechCrunch, Evening Standard, The Guardian). Flock are building a deep-tech analytics platform that sits inside a network of hardware manufacturers, traffic management software, insurance, and a rapidly evolving regulatory environment.

Ed recently graduated with an MPhil in Technology Policy from Cambridge University Judge Business School, where he specialised in autonomous systems and policy for emerging technology. He has worked with multinational tech firms such as Facebook, lectured at Chinese Universities, and had research published by various think-tanks.


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