Said no CEO ever: Things that don’t matter in the cloud from Casey West

Cloud adoption has made some aspects of our jobs irrelevant, but this is a good thing. . . .Well, it’s a good thing as long as we know what doesn’t matter anymore. (“Doesn’t matter” really means “solved problem.”) It’s critically important to avoid spending time and resources on solved problems. If you’re new to the cloud, it might surprise you just how many problems are considered solved at this point.

Casey explores technical skills no longer required in an operationally mature, cloud-based organization; explains why each skill is no longer worth doing manually and offers a collection of open source software solutions that require minimal human effort. If you’re a sysadmin curious about the cloud or part of an organization with an initiative to move to the cloud, this talk will save you time and money. You’ll be a hero in your organization—move fast, reduce risk, and stand on the shoulders of giants.

Speaker: Casey West, Principle Technologist CF @ Pivotal

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