Beyond Quantified Self or When Data Really Matters from Maxim Osipov

Founded by healthcare innovation scientists, Sentimoto aims to dramatically improve care for older people by approaching it from a shared economy perspective. Enabled by the rise of wearables and behaviour analysis, Sentimoto facilitates creation of care circles with older people, their families, health and social care workers, leading to safer and healthier ageing.

Maxim Osipov PhD, Sentimoto

Maxim Osipov holds an engineering degree in Computer Science, EMBA in Strategic Marketing from the Stockholm School of Economics and DPhil in Healthcare Innovation from the University of Oxford, where his research was focused on identification of mental disorders from behavioural data. He also worked for more than 10 years for Motorola, Siemens and GE leading development teams and R&D groups and contributed to creation of successful products in a number of areas, from mobile to automotive and power plants automation.

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