Data Science for Game Analytics at King

How do we apply Data Science to King’s portfolio of games? I’ll share examples from projects in London’s Farm Heroes Saga studio of how we learn from our network of over 450 million monthly players.

Data Science for Game Analytics at King

From collecting the right data and making it accessible, to understanding the diversity of players and the nuances of casual gaming behaviour, I’ll provide insights into how we handle our core challenge: Understanding what it is that will continue to make King games fun for years to come.

Bio: Phil Howard – Senior Data Scientist @ King. Phil provides technical leadership for analytics teams across King’s global offices. At King he has worked on diverse Data Science projects, from forecasting Customer Lifetime Value to content optimisation and AB testing new game features. He has spent the last 10 years working with big datasets to understand complex systems, both in academia and industry. Prior to joining King in 2012 he helped to develop the systems underlying the UK’s Flood Forecasting Centre. He graduated with a Masters in Physics from Oxford in 2001 before gaining his PhD in Quantum Chaos from Royal Holloway in 2006.


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