From Weeks to Minutes…For Real!

Simon Johansson, Platform Engineer and Daniel Otte, Head of Platform Engineering, Springer Nature (delivered at CF Summit Europe, November 2015)

Going from weeks to minutes for app deployments. 0 to 700 r/s and 0 to 800 apps in a year.

Springer dev teams are globally distributed and there was no standardisation. From commit to production was often more than 2 weeks. Provisioning new VMs, configuring networking, firewalls, load balancing, writing Chef; was a tedious task that nobody wanted to deal with. Tribal knowledge resulted in flaky systems resulting in dev teams becoming dependent on different Ops teams.

When Platform Engineering started to hear the faint whispers, “micro services”, we knew we needed to do something drastic. This talk is about how Cloud Foundry changed the culture, allowing devs to own their apps in production and care less about operational hassles. And how Platform Engineering simplified operations and reduced costs across the board.

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