Meet the OpenStack Product Group and Midokura


Speakers: Alexander Gabert , Mike Perez & Zhipeng Howard Huang


In London we are getting in on the OpenStack action too with an opportunity to meet and hear from the Product Working Group and SDN tech company Midonet.

Router Peering – because why not?

Router Peering – because why not? from Alexander Gabert

The Product Working Group is an official foundation team made of members in the community that helps steer upstream development decisions and priorities. Join this meeting to get an insight into the Open Stack roadmap and user stories as well as ask the team directly what the future holds for OpenStack.
With robust flexible networking being vital for OpenStack success, many organisation look at SDN technologies.
Midokura provide MidoNet an Enterprise network virtualization technology.
In this session Midokura experts will highlight how Midonet can help your Open Stack deployments.

Roadmap and User Stories – OpenStack Product Working Group

Roadmap and User Stories – Product Working Group

Also speaking is Mike Perez, Foundation employee and former Cinder PTL.
Mike will run through storage in OpenStack highlighting new Cinder features in Liberty and what we can expect in Mitaka.

The New Kids On The Block – Intro to Cinder

Intro to Cinder from Mike Perez

The evening will finish with a talk from Zhipeng Huang, an OPNFV developer working on cascading OpenStack – a proposal for a single API end point for multiple OpenStack clouds.

Design Multi Site OpenStack from Zhipeng Howard Huang

Design Multi Site OpenStack from Zhipeng (Howard) Huang


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