Vinai Kopp, Ben Marks, plus a live Magento 2 walkthrough


Speakers: Vinai Kopp , Ben Marks & Mitch Goldman


Vinai Kopp – Integration Testing in Magento 2

Vinai Kopp is one of the world’s top Magento developers and trainers
and he’s going to give a talk about Magento 2 development.

Vinai is talking about Integration Testing in Magento 2, with a live demo.

Ben Marks – Magento 2 Q&A about community

2016 Feb Magento 2 meetup

Ben Marks, Magento’s official evangelist, doing a Q&A session.

Mitch Goldman – Magento 2 live tour

2016 Feb Magento 2 meetup – Mitch Goldman

Mitch Goldman is giving a live tour of Magento 2, showing off many of its new front-end and Admin features, and highlighting differences between Community and Enterprise Edition.


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