Highlights from the Cloud Foundry Summits of 2015


Speakers: Ben Dodd & Abby Kearns


Can You Trust Cloud Foundry to Save a Life? To Save 10,000?

Ben Dodd, Co-Founder, Armakuni (delivered at CF Summit Europe, November 2015)

Can You Trust Cloud Foundry to Save a Life? To Save 10,000? from Ben Dodd

The brief: “Never be limited by technology”. The result: They haven’t.

Comic Relief, a UK-based charity, runs the wildly successful brand Red Nose Day; It consists of 7 hours of primetime live TV, generating in the region of 26 million viewers on BBC 1. Last year their total fundraised was over a billion UK pounds (£1,047,083,706).

Since 2012, Armakuni has been using Cloud Foundry to deliver the global payments platform that handles the credit card transactions generated through web and call centre traffic. It’s built to handle up to 400 payments per second, 800,000 in total through the night.

Cloud Foundry is key not only to the development practices that enable the success of the platform through automated testing and continuous delivery, but vitally the scalability and resiliency models that deliver confidence in a solution where feedback cycles are a luxury we just don’t have.

Deciphering the Buzzword Bingo

Abby Kearns, Product Manager, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (delivered at CF Summit Asia, December 2015)

Deciphering the Buzzword Bingo from Abby Kearns

In a world drowning in terminology, how do we make sense of the current trends in IT: XaaS, Cloud Native, Micro Services, Containers, Agile, Continuous Delivery, Platforms, Abstraction, Dev Ops, IoT, Reactive Programming?… What do they all mean? How should we consume them?

This talks reviews recent IT trends and how Platforms like Cloud Foundry instigate change, both technically, and more importantly, organisationally. For example, how do you structure your teams, how does Cloud Foundry help with continuous Delivery? The essence of Cloud Foundry is not what it is, or even what it can do, it is about what it can do for you. That’s what this talk will unpack.


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