Success Talks – John Amaechi


Speaker: John Amaechi


“John Amaechi will share his amazing journey so far. He is a psychologist and executive coach while prior to this he was playing in the NBA.

John’s journey to becoming an elite-athlete almost defies belief: at the age of 17, when he first picked up a basketball, John was considered ‘too late to the game’ and ‘not athletic enough’ to have any chance of success in domestic sport, much less overseas. Six short years later he became a ‘starter’ in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

John Amaechi has a portfolio career as an organisational consultant and high-performance executive coach. He is a New York Times best-selling author and social entrepreneur working in both the US and Europe. He works with high-profile individuals and businesses as a high-performance-coach and mentor dealing with various challenges including improving interpersonal communications, leadership, personal and team motivation as well as helping to set out the pathway for his clients to become their very best.”
(Success Talks)

Speaker: John Amaechi
Venue: Library


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