Team responsibilities in cloud-native operations

Continuous Delivery in the cloud can skirt on the edge of chaos. Pete has lived through an organisational and cultural change from a staid slow-paced enterprise-y delivery pattern that managed a few tens of deployments a year, to a fast-paced delivery pattern that manages a few tens of deployments a week and is still accelerating.

Team responsibilities in cloud-native operations from Peter Mounce

The team has scaled from 20 engineers to almost 200, and the platform has scaled from dying at 2 orders/min to laughing at 1200/min. He’ll share some history about experiences that worked (and some that didn’t) from his point of view as an engineer shipping mostly-working code to production and making sure it stayed there.

Peter Mounce (@petemounce) is a senior software developer at Just Eat, the world’s leading online and mobile takeaway ordering service.

“I have worked in developer teams, an operations team, and been a generalist shipping software for JUST EAT since 2010 (with a few years doing that elsewhere first). I’ve lived through cultural and technological change and played a role in effecting it. I had a pivotal role in migrating our platform from a datacentre to the AWS cloud – consequently, we now do tens of deployments a week compared to a tens a year. I’ve automated systems, tests, servers, and in some cases myself. I’ve touched many parts of the platform and delude myself that I do an OK job at that.”


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