Building a Board Game in Axure

“I am going to walk you through how to build a responsive board game in Axure. This game consists of dragging puzzle pieces into their appropriate location, something easy to accomplish on desktop, but tricky when translating it into a mobile experience. You will learn a few tricks about dragging widgets, which is essential to building a board games and also how to implement the logic behind the game. Then I will be going over the challenges I faced once I decided to go responsive, and how I used Axure’s adaptive views as well as some “smoking mirrors” to create the smaller screen version of this game.”

Speaker: Sandra González
Venue: TalkTalk Building

Building a Responsive Style Guide and a Board Game in Axure

Wednesday, Apr 22, 2015, 6:30 PM

TalkTalk Building
11 Eversham Street, London W11 4AR London, GB

65 UX Designers Went

For our next meeting I have something special prepared : )First we will have a Show and Tell from James Eyke, one of my colleagues at TalkTalk, who has been working on creating a style guide using Axure. He will walk you through why we decided to use Axure, some of the techniques used to support responsive design components and how to decide betwe…

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