Continuous Delivery at IG

Migrating to continuous delivery in the world of financial trading.

[preview of talk at Velocity 2015 Santa Clara]

In 2013 IG started to move towards a continuous delivery model. This allowed us to break away from an ever increasing monthly software release and to enable higher quality and stability by releasing small change sets into production more frequently.”

Speaker: David Genn

Twitter: @londoncd

April 2015: Nic Ferrier on Change Directed Working + David Genn on CD at IG

Tuesday, Apr 21, 2015, 6:30 PM

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Nic Ferrier (@nicferrier): “‘Change Directed Working’ is an approach to delivering software distilled from Nic’s time in startups and enterprises. The approach, building systems by very small changes layered over time, mirrors that of version control systems. Like the pirate code, it’s more guidelines than rules and pulls in many areas of practice:…

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