The Economic Geography of Darknet Markets

Darknet markets use cryptographic methods (Tor) to provide relative anonymity for their participants, yet their activities are sufficiently public to allow previously impossible observation of illicit trading behaviour at large scale. This includes bulk and casual trades that can often be linked to a geographic location, at country resolution.
Martin gives a brief introduction to darknet markets in general, and shows a current overview of the largest markets. He then describes the OII’s darknet market scraping technology, and talk about their research, highlighting some of the key findings to date. Product inventories, regional specialisation, small-time buyers and bulk traders, … the research is still in the early stages, yet there is already quite a lot to see!

Martin Dittus is a researcher and data scientist in social computing at the Oxford Internet Institute. Mass-participation platforms, large-scale data analysis and visualisation, community engagement and crowdsourcing, social implications of emerging technologies.

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