Challenges & Opportunities with Data Science in Insurance (Moving Actuaries into the 21st Century)

Speaker: Ansgar Wenzel

Technology is changing and although actuaries used some data science techniques fairly early (GLMs for example), with the increased use and development of Data Science/Machine Learning insurance companies must change, too. We will be talking about some of our current challenges, some future changes and about the necessary shift in mindset that is necessary to use data science in insurance successfully.

Bio: After finishing his PhD in Pure Maths, Ansgar started working at Hastings Direct as a Data Scientist in their actuarial team and has been trying to move Actuaries away from GLMs and Emblem ever since. He prefers R, grudgingly admits the superiority of python for working with csv files and consequently tries to use SQL as much as possible. He has also worked, amongst others, for a small startup in London as an Analyst where he tried to make sense of electricity usage time series.

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